Abandoned Farmhouse - Video - Unreal engine 4.21
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Lots n lots of props!

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Abandoned Farmhouse - Video - Unreal engine 4.21

My main focus for this project was to go against the norm & create a detailed low-poly real-time game interior that wasn't clean, stylish & monotonous. It had to look neglected, moody & uninhabited, but also have a luring, charming & charismatic appeal similar to YouTube urban exploration channels like Exploring with Josh, Steve Ronin, The Proper People & Broken Window Theory. The project (including video) took 117 days to complete, with over 146 unique props in the scene each tacking 2/3 days or less depending on complexity. The interior layout took 1 day. The lighting consists of 1 static directional light. Lighting & post processing took 5 days. The quickest part was producing the video, it took 2 days using a combination of Unreal's cinematic sequencer & DaVinci Resolve 16 (FREE VERSION). I was really impressed with how quick & easy DaVinci Resolve was to use.

More artwork
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